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What features make android an ideal platform for mobiles

Apr 22, 2014

We are quite sure that android is the biggest of all platforms that are used in the development of mobile phones. Along with this platform, android apps development emerged as a separate entity. Thus many of the companies that offer mobile application services choose android applications in the first place especially when they deal with mobile phones. Android phones were once a luxury, but now it has become the need of the hour. Among all the operating systems available in the market, android holds the largest share of mobile phone applications. No other applications are so easy to handle as the freedom android offers to the users. Android in general is an open source applicatio ...

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Use of some android apps that you may have ignored

Mar 19, 2014

Development in the field of android applications are just like waves in the sea. Every time it comes and lashes the shore for sometime, and with the same effect next one comes, and so on. Among these multitude of applications, people have their choices, likes and dislikes. Android apps development is such a vast area in which modifications happen in the matter of seconds. Even kids are having smart phones loaded with variety of applications in their pockets.  By simply searching over internet or by visiting a local market, you can grab good number of applications that can assist you in the playing of games, clicking as well as developing of images, and controlling of naviga ...

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What New Features do Android 44 KitKat Version holds

Feb 20, 2014

Without question, Google’s Android is one of the world’s most preferred operating systems used in mobile phones, and its fame really lies in the power of applications it offers to the clients. Hence android apps development nourished fastly, and true to its fame the new version of Android’s 4.4 KitKat has many astonishing features. Let us check the most important ones. Direct search Caller ID: This new feature is capable of automatic update suggestions while we initiate a call. User can go straightly to this application and trace out their contacts based on location, and business. Users can easily search for con ...

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