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Some beneficial platforms to create shopping cart websites

Dec 14, 2013

Shopping cart websites enable dealers to list their products to clients in a better way, and do online business successfully. If you search over internet, you will find many attractive shopping cart websites that offer users multiple choices and a wide range of product selection., and are instances to the point. Like the various shopping cart options, you can also find different applications and platforms to create a shopping cart websites. Article explains the features of some widely used platforms for shopping cart website development in a nutshell.


Obviously, Magento applications are most preferred by web developers in the making of effective shopping cart websites. It comes with up to date modifications to meet the day to day requirements of dealers who do online trade. Magento has some fine attributes such as multiple store management for same products, unlimited product display, any time currency modifications, and massive importing of spreadsheets. Magento as a platform offers good options for web designers, still it is too heavy. The codes take large memory space as well. The users who wish to make a versatile shopping cart which provide all options to customers find Magento a good choice.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is developed by PHP programming codes. The attractive aspect of Zen Cart is simple installation. We can install Zen Cart in a little time as compared to its competitors. Add ons play an important role in making your shopping carts powerful and effective, and Zen Cart has a huge list of add ons available over the web. Like add on applications, users can find a good number of free template designs, as well. Programming codes of Zen Cart are difficult to modify, for making small modifications users have to call for web developers help. Zen Cart shares common features with OS Commerce, another shopping cart developing platform. Zen Cart is a widely used platform.

Cube Cart

Cube Cart is a light weighted software programme which requires simple installation process. It is user friendly, reliable, and fast. The use of third party applications are easy with Cube Cart. Example Google AdSence. In comparison with other applications Cube Cart does not go with all search engine specifications so comfortable. It need more time to implement all features of search engine optimization correctly with Cube Cart shopping carts. Cube Cart is used. The modifications can be easily done in websites developed by Cube Cart, and are downloadable in no time.


Shopify is a much advanced in the concerns of security and storage of data. The customer menu in it helps organizations to hold the details of their customers arranged for a long time. Shopify is good at SEO specifications. The codes are not too heavy and are easy to update. It has limitations in adding too many images of products, but there is no restrictions in including categories.

Presta Shop

Perhaps, it happens to be the very best platform for building shopping carts. Its modules are the finest in the class, and offer easy installations as well as product additions. Easy SEO optimization, effortless modifications, and availability of templates make it the favourite among open source platforms for building shopping cart websites.

Among all the open source applications mentioned above, Presta Shop serves shopping cart website development companies the most with its advanced features, including secure payment options.

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