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Redesigning a website 2014 checklist

Aug 07, 2014

You designed a website by using all the current trends in the market. It cannot make your website win in the competition all the time. According to the changes in technology we need to update the live websites, or create a new website itself. Website redesigning is a method which keeps our website active and up to date all the time. It keeps modern trends always visible in your website. Here let us look into some of the points which we need to stress while redesigning a website in 2014. 

Format the website in a better way:

Most important thing we need to concentrate while rechanging the features of a website is in creating its look and feel indeed. Brilliant ways of formating creates the real look of a website. Color selection, content patterns, font size, clarity, eye pleasing colors, banners, animations so on create the look and feel of a website. So while redesigning a website include the recent trend setters like videos, and info graphics related to your services in the web page. 

Write original contents:

Many of the amateur web designers think that we are redesigning a website, not creating anything new, hence we can make use of the old written contents in a new format. Your website will do the best when it is loaded with new contents while recreating. Then the entire features of the website will look changed, and then it will attract more visitors.

Stress -free navigation points:

if you are providing easy and flexible navigation in your website, it will greet more visitors into the website. All links including blogs, press releases should work perfectly. If every links in your website are opening too fastly, it will attract clients more easily. 

Mobile compatible web pages:   

Smart phones are taking the pace of everyone’s life with more directions. With upcoming of fast internet services, people are opening websites more in mobile phones rather than in computers. So the website redesigning services must implement fast growing mobile website tactics such as adaptive web designs, or responsive web design so on. By using any of these mobile techniques you can design websites that opens fastly in any devices including mobile phones. 

Graphics, info graphics, and videos: 

A visually attractive website must have intelligent use of graphics. The inclusion of links of info graphics and videos in a website must be done wisely for the over dose these things can make your links and interface work so slowly. So beware of the performance of a website at the time you implement all these tactics all together in your website. So at the time of redesigning websites, stress on the tactics that best suites the clients’ business. 

Use eye catching images and contents having a little load:

Most designers commit the mistake of overloading a web page with plenty of images, and unnecessary contents which user find less interesting. So avoid it to the maximum. Use much needed contents and good quality images that takes only a little load. It make the visitors happy and they do not have to wait too long a time to get the web pages opened in their device. Also arrange good amount of white spaces in the web page that allow freedom for visitors eyes. A good website redesigning company will look into all these facets for making their layouts faultless. 

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