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Ppc work as it is well planned

Nov 28, 2014

Planned work will deliver you great results. While dealing with pay per click management, the professionals has to be extremely careful, and must be vigilant about their progress and timing of work. Here let us discuss a plan, a PPC work schedule with a specified time limit for a week.  

Routine: do not miss:

These tasks should be checked and executed without fail everyday. 

  • Go through all accounts you have made, and ensure that you have not let any activities pending in any of the accounts. 
  • Cross check all budget campaigns you have committed, let it be small, take good initiative in making it big, and expand if to meaningful conversations. 
  • You should be promoting many ads, and banners over various media platforms. Keep all that banners working all the time by editing it with new contents. Delete the ads that are not working on any social media platforms you promote it. 

Within a span of seven days:

Activities that should be repeated over a week time.

  • Review all keywords you are working on. Look into the scope of every keywords, and modify it according to your needs for a better search result. Also keep your search query reports perfect and up to date. 
  • Test and retest all ads you mange. You could be getting hundreds of clicks and many visits per week. Monitor everything in a proper way. 
  • Prepare a detailed report of your entire conversations, and note what number of quality scores they gain. Monitoring would not work, but should act accordingly. If you monitor things you can manipulate your conversations by gaining high quality scores and ranking. 
  • Monitor the performance of all your activities by week wise by setting it correctly  on bid management base. You should know how your ads performed one week before and how it is performing now. 
  • Find out all your PPC campaigns are working well with different kinds of devices. If any of the ads are not working properly on devices, it is time to remove those with high efficiency ads. 
  • Intimate the clients and discuss all your planned actions, and report them the working of their ads as well as their current status. 
  • Like conversations, ad extensions need to be checked in the long run. Ensure all types of extensions linked to your ads are working properly. 
  • If you are running any ads planned on the basis of geographical locations, it also need to be checked on the basis of biding and their working on specified areas. 


A good pay per click management company never ends up their tasks in a week’s time. They consistently check that do the landing pages match with the ads that are created? Is it time to change the ad or landing page after analyzing the performance of both? More than all they keep an eye on the latest development in the realm of pay per click management technologies. There are plenty of blogs, and articles that help professionals on the matters of PPC. Updating the technologies can be done based on the information provided in these blogs over internet.      

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