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Ppc and google new shift in algorithm

Feb 26, 2014

Pay per click management is one of the best ways to make revenue out of your website or blogs. Before the release of google’s new algorithm, rumors came out that google is going to give so much importance to pay per click services in general by giving only limited choices to day old SEO tactics. To a large extent that rumors were close to reality, Google gave equal importance to SEO as well as PPC by changing its algorithm.

While working with it does not matter that you are running a big, medium or small business. It gives you wide changes to earn big income as well as to invite huge traffic towards your website. The great feature of pay per click management is that everyone who wons a website can take their chances. They do not have to be masters of SEO or web designing to do it. By simply choosing the finest advertising tactics that suit their tasks, anyone can run PPC.

PPC, Ad ranks, and Ad extensions

To do PPC you will find no better platform than Google Ad words. By utilizing the facilities provided by this ad words platform everyone can divert traffic back to their websites. It happens to be a flexible platform, where right advertisement banners are placed at most visited websites and the inquisitive visitors are brought to other webpage that sell different services. It is where both website owners get the benefits of money, and traffic. The results are almost certain with pay per click management.

The change in google’s algorithm is marked by the introduction of Ad ranks. Ad rank holds same manifestations of algorithm which Google make use to determine the positioning of web pages. Ad rank decides two aspects in the main; one, in what position a web page should be ranked among all advertisers? Second, how much the advertisers should be paid for each clicks? In the beginning, ad ranks determined a small function of maximum cost per click only. With the upcoming of new algorithm, ad ranks become a must to increase ‘Keyword bids’ and ‘Quality scores’. Both these terms play a crucial role in the ranking of an advertisement over the web.

Among the three components of Ad rank namely ‘CPC Bid’, ‘Quality Score’, and ‘Ad Extension’, the last title is entirely loaded with innovative features to provide top ranks to your website. High in quality scores and bids would not take you to top ranks without the help of good ad extensions. Ad extension is tool available in ad words which helps user to enlarge advertisements with added information, and owners can also provide a link of their website to its tab for increase of traffic.

Ad extensions offer massive help for medium and small sized business owners on improving the performance of their PPC advertisements. Now, by modifying algorithms google gives chance to people with low budget and experience to improve their revenue and web traffic through modified PPC tools. To get detailed information on advances in google’s algorithm, check out the blogs of popular pay per click management companies.


  • benjamin  ( 04/22/2014   01:49:12 AM )
    Is there anything like google ad-words for search engines like bing, yahoo..etc

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