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How google adwords campaign works as an effective tool

Nov 15, 2013

Google is an extensively used search engine, and to find a top place in the search list of Google is very essential for making successful online advertising.  ‘Google Adwords’ is an application which helps to draw attention of the potential customers to your webpage.  Without question, ‘Google Adwords’ play a substantial role in Pay Per click Advertising services. The article details some competent ways to use ‘Google Adwords’ campaign tool for seo purpose.

How will you select exact ‘Keywords’ with Google adwords?

There are various ways to coin keywords relating to an individual topic. It can be relavent to a common idea, marketing techniques, or geological locations. Still, the ‘Keyword tool’ of Google Adwords serves as a powerful tool for a search engine optimization company to choose right keywords. This tool provides a general idea of competent keywords related to a particular topic. It displays the demand and cost of selected keywords.
Assume that you’re a wedding planner in India, and you want to advertise your webpage. The keywords you prefer are ‘Indian wedding planners’, ‘royal wedding planners’, and ‘top wedding planners in India’. By entering these specific keywords in the search tag of the ‘Keyword tool’, it displays the level of contest, details of international as well as domestic searches, and even the cost per click the keywords confront. Thus, the tool enables us to select suitable keywords that match specific topics. The Keywords that rank high in competition are difficult to advertise.

The best keyword draws high end traffic to the website. With help of Traffic Estimator Tool, we can analyze the total clicks as well as daily impressions gained by a keyword. The impressions and the daily clicks help in the ranking of a webpage in search results. If you select a best optimized keyword, it will help your Google ad campaign to accomplish the objectives easily.

Creation of a Google Adwords campaign

After selecting proper keywords, you can go for an Adwords campaign creation.  Google Adwords application has provisions to build multiple campaigns, and ad groups. While setting a first Google Adwords campaign, you will find plenty of options. These options play a crucial part in the displaying of your ads in the network. It reflects in ranking of your webpage, as well. Search Network only, and online video are some among them. The titling of the campaign is also significant. It should be closely associated to the topic. Depending on your budget you can set the bids in the campaign. Along with that you can adjust the settings of locations, networks, languages, and extensions while creating the campaign.

Coining of ad group

Coining of an ad group is the last process in the setting of a Google Adwords Campaign. It is a simple process, but demands some creativity, and intelligence. You will find the options of text, video and image to create an ad group. Within the provided space of twenty five characters you should include the relevant keywords, and your websites’ URL. The name of the ad group should match the content in the landing page, as well.

Google Adwords is simple, but an effective PPC tool, which offers immense advertising options. It acts as a positive and powerful digital advertising strategy in the present world of cyber infinity. We are a PPC campaign management company in India which maintain a high profile by providing exceptional services to the clients.


  • rita m  ( 11/15/2013   08:56:12 AM )
    nice written article discussing the best use of pay per click management. thanks for the guidance

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