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E commerce platforms that are very well hosted

Dec 09, 2014

E commerce is such a vast term and a person who creates a shopping cart website will find a huge list of platforms that offer e commerce services. A shopping cart development company chooses a hosted e commerce platform for it is easy to use and have good options to edit quickly. This list explains the functions of some excellent platforms that offer shopping cart development. 


What makes shopify spots first in the list of hosted e commerce platforms is for its editable options. Those who do not know to write codes can also use this platform for which a little knowledge of designing will help them to complete the task of website building. It fairly provide all the tools needed to build a shopping cart website. The price is comparatively low when we take other platforms into account. Hence it happens to be a best platform having great utilities at low prices. 

X- Cart:

Another fantastic application built in with powerful PHP coding, and over all it is an open source. The X- cart cloud shares the same features as that we can see it in WordPress. X cart is available in free as well as in paid forms. The single interface development is much easy to work in, and have a great development scope.

Yahoo! E commerce:

Yahoo is a familiar name, and is known to everyone who make use of IT. Yahoo! E commerce have already completed over 1 million e commerce dealings all over the world. The delivery options of Yahoo is far ahead of many other companies. They are directly linked to UPS, a famous shipping company to make fast deliveries. The features offered by yahoo e commerce platform is fine as well. 


Indeed Storenvy is a varied space for the shoppers. It has some different ideas expressed for the visitors unlike the competing platforms. The advantage of using this application is that users can make their shopping cart visible with already featured brands in the same network. The API development with Storenvy is really top notch that every shopping cart website development company will prefer over the competitors. 

Pinnacle cart:

Pinnacle cart is renowned for its great client network. You will be astonished to find the clients like Discovery, and HBO added to its list. The access to third party applications are so easy with this platform. Same is the case of social media integration. 


Volusion is known for the personal support it provides for the clients. This application offers more than 900 e commerce aspects that are vital for providing unique features to clients. It is so massive a platform and is fully loaded with features that can equal shopify. 


Last but not the least, if we name some of the excellent e commerce platforms in the world, Bigcommerce cannot be missed out. It shares the same flexibility, features, and compatibility as shopify as well as Volusion offer to the clients. 

If we have a close look at shopping cart development platforms, we will get some other exciting options such as Magento, Opencart so on. But they are high end applications that offer some space for customization. Here we have listed the platforms that are easy to use and economic in shopping cart website development services.

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