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Common seo mistakes that should be avoided at any cost

Oct 25, 2016

Search engine optimization, though complex but is an important part of a successful digital marketing program. It requires you to meet the requirements of the specific search engine like google and to meet the search requirements of the users as well. Getting your website high ranking on google is a bigger task. It requires you to have the current knowledge of ranking on search engines as well as get the time and ability to optimize the website. While what actually happens is the real contrast of the rules mentioned above. A lot of SEO specialists fail to make the desired effect for they have been following the typical optimization mistakes over and over again. Lets explore some of the most common mistakes that are required to be avoid by SEO’s this year. 

  • - Most of the people joining in as SEO are seen having an obsolete mind set which is dangerous and can even lapse your website. They are required to renew their information and utilize it in their SEO efforts. Talking about the great factors making. “The better the efforts goes with SEO, the better will be the results for your website!”
  • - Every site has this title tags and the meta descriptors provided in the HTML code rendering information attached with each and every page of the site. It helps in conveying the search engine about the theme of the content on the different pages of your website and the opportunities involved with the same. However, many optimizers in order to skip the whole lengthy process of optimizing dozens of pages ends up repeating the same titles and descriptions, that results in wastage of the valuable optimization potential. 
  • - Just like title tags and meta descriptions, content too plays an important role in predicting your site’s visibility on search engines. Whereas using duplicate or the poor quality content would adversely affect the impact of your website. Instead, publishing reliable fresh and high quality content on your website will help you attract more back links and decreases the chances of your site being tagged as a spam. More so, people will find your website more meaning and will bring more traffic in time. 
  • - From a lot of years now SEO’s have gone on a over optimization spree with keywords in an attempt to catch more users attention to their website. However, no matter how tempting it might seem, the truth is using too much of keywords in your website content would degrade its quality and would ultimately waste your efforts and so it would be better if you follow it to just catch attention.
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